SuperTips ClickBank Products

(a) General Internet Marketing

(b) Website Building and Design

(c) Website Content / Copywriting

(d) Search Engines

(e) Affiliate Marketing

(f) List Building

(g) Promotion/Traffic

(h) Ezine Publishing

(i) Programming Guides for Webmasters

(j) Product Creation

a) General Internet Marketing

30 Days To Internet Marketing Success

Starting from scratch and penniless - how the gurus would turn it around in just 30 days of online marketing. Hailed as the best compilation product of experts ever seen.

33 Days To Online Profits

Two top Internet marketers Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards provide a masterly comprehensive and detailed step-by-step guide to launch a profitable online business.

Private Posts

Golden nuggets of Internet marketing wisdom from Allen Says - the man who created the Warrior Forum

b) Website Building and Design

Wordpress Video Training

Over 50 videos of clear instructions. You can watch them at any time, you can stop, start, rewind. As new videos are created you'll have them for no extra cost.

c) Website Content / Copywriting

Confessions Of A Website Copywriter

Discover one of the most important and profitable skills you can acquire - copywriting. Simple changes to your sales copy can dramatically multiply the sales conversion rate.

The Golden Book of Proof

How to quickly and easily create ads, sales letters and websites which make people line up and practically beg you to take their money.

10% Conversion Secrets

The author looks at the whole selling process and guides you through the factors that influence your conversions.

d) Search Engines

Pay per Click Profits

Product withdrawn

e) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Kingpin

Superb 100 page book, with accompanying videos, showing the affiliate marketer how to find quality niche products, use powerful traffic strategies, dominate the competition and use the best free affiliate resources including web 2.0

Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits

Excellent step by step guide for the ClickBank affiliate with good emphasis on choosing the right product at the ClickBank Marketplace

f) List Building

List Authority

How to build an email list of 1000 subscribers in 30 day.

Package comes with resell rights

List Management Secrets

They say the money is in the list.

Package comes with resell rights

Big Profits from a small mailing list

They say the money is in the list - however you do NOT need a large mailing list to succeed.

Making Money With Auto Responders

The most important tool of all. To build a list you must have an autoresponder.

Package comes with resell rights

g) Promotion/Traffic

Promotion Tactics

Topics include utilizing the power of high traffic sites such as Facebook and YouTube

The Beginners Guide to Overnight Traffic

A unique way of using AdWords - to test out and tweak all your marketing campaigns.

Video Traffic Guru

How to create, upload and market videos

Free Traffic

You don't need to spend on advertising if you want to get free - and highly targetted - traffic to your site. Use these easy and proven methods.

The Lazy Man's Guide To Writing Articles

Learn how to churn out articles quickly and profit from them with affiliate programs, AdSense , viral methods and more

Package comes with resell rights

Super Forum Marketing

Forums are one of the most effective ways to market your online strategies. Discover the best techniques with these video training courses.

Google Plus Game Plan

Get started with Google Plus, create a compelling Profile, use it for leads generation and accelerate your business with Google+ Pages

h) Ezine Publishing

Crash Course Guide To E-Zine Publishing

Contrary to opinion E-zine publishing in Internet marketing is becoming even more popular, as people realize that building and marketing to a mailing list is by far the most effective way to close sales and then - to get repeat sales.

i) Programming Guides for Webmasters

JavaScript Magic

Suitable for beginners to advanced. Learn how to instantly create amazing effects on your web pages: including splash screens, password protection, colored scroll bars, flashing and highlighted text, popup windows, mouse over effects and much more.

Simple PHP

Ever wondered how they get all those special effects on a web site
- like a "joke of the day" section
- or a "this day in history" section
- or have your name showing up throughout a sales page

It's all done by PHP

Now you can learn how to master Simple PHP In 17 easy lessons

The Absolute Beginners Guide to CGI!

CGI opens up countless possibilities for the website owner. The step-by-step instructions in this ebook are written in a style that guarantees understanding by any novice.

j) Product Creation

How To Create Your Own E-book Without Ever Writing A Word

The title says it all - and no matter if you are a beginner or an expert marketer.

Package comes with resell rights

Resale Rights Empire

How to build a lucrative business based solely on acquiring resale rights.

This book shows the exact tools and resources needed to build and promote your resale rights business - and in many cases instead of needing to separately purchase these items the author provides them for free. Which itself is an example of the many varied ways you can offer or repackage products when you obtain the resale rights.

Total Resale Package

A huge collection of the newest Software and Ebooks on the Internet. You have complete master resale rights to every single product in the package - including the package itself.

Package comes with resell rights

The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit

Different from all other books on how-to create information products which provide a list of resources you need to accomplish the task. In this book many of these resources are provided free.

Niche Profit Formula

Here's a formula for success: find a niche product, set up a web site, run it on autopilot. And you don't even have to create the product yourself. This guide shows you how.

Guide to Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights offer even more opportunities for income generating streams than Resell Rights. This guide shows how to profit from them whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Package comes with resell rights