Why did I not think of this when I wrote my first book !

Viral Marketing - With An Ingenious Twist

Another winner from Mr SuperTips

Viral Marketing SuperTips
  • Take a very successful viral technique
  • Take a very successful marketing technique
  • Add an ingenious twist

The result ?

A flood of ever increasing traffic and sales.


It's Harvey Segal here.

Welcome to the sixth book of the SuperTips series.

And just like Ad Tracking SuperTips, Forum Marketing SuperTips, 101 SuperTips it's a FREE book.

There are good reason for producing free books - those three continue to be circulated with little promotion bringing profits both for myself and for my affiliates.

However, if I had discovered early on the strategy which I reveal in this book these profits would have been multiplied many, many times.


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If you're an online marketer - or someone who wants to make money on the Net - then this book is for you.

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