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From Kickstart Today #612:

My friend Harvey Segal has come up with a viral ebook that has so many new ideas and twists in it that it is just bound to take the Internet by storm.

It is called 'The Ultimate Supertip' and it is not just an explanation of one of the most powerful principles of Internet marketing, but also a fully working practical demonstration!

You can have this book for free - you don't even have to give Harvey your email address - and then immediately give it away to your friends, subscribers, website visitors, maiden aunts, long-lost cousins, and the really clever neat tricks that Harvey has built into it will start to make you money right away.

But all that is the icing on the cake - download the book, READ it from cover to cover, and learn one of the most powerful secrets of Internet marketing at the feet of the master.

And if you suspect I might be guilty of over-hyping (I'm not), read it anyway and tell me what you think.

Do it right now before you forget - this could be the most important lesson you'll learn today.

Martin Avis


I just read your new ebook, down to the last page. Pure genius!

Lynn Terry


Your ebook was so compelling, so mesmerizing, so "suspending of my rational thinking", that I rushed to hit the PayPal button at the end

Terry Rayburn


Thanks for your superfast support!

This makes clear you're a true entrepreneur and you are for real! From now on you are on my favorite list!

Tom Lassing


Ultimate Super Tips is easily the most valuable package I have purchased online for some time - and for just $10!

The full potential your system has for promoting my various products is only just beginning to occur to me. Not to mention the amazing package of ebooks and tools you have thrown in. I only hope you get as much from it as I am certain I will!

Peter Roe


Great idea Harvey!

Mark Joyner


Work of a masterful genius... a very intelligent piece of marketing on the Net. Brilliant.



Give people 100% of the commissions, provide an informative ebook, give great offers on great products - and EVERYONE benefits? Harvey, this is just an incredible product (and deal) - I can't wait to do the same!

David Pankhurst


Wow, Harvey. I have been earning my living on the web since 1996 and I have to say, your package says it all. I downloaded every one of your ebooks after purchasing the Ultimate Super Tip package. The step by step nature of your instructions and the clear cut methods you show us in this series of books is priceless. I have paid over $500 for "money-making secrets on the internet" packages that didn't come even halfway to being as valuable as what you have here.

I am telling my clients about this. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of composing a blog entry about it, even as we speak. I can see how your method of turning ebooks into traffic and profit on any website will raise any serious netrepreneur's bottom line.

Bonnie Dillabought


I suspect that a lot of people are going to be using this as their main affiliate tool for a while. And that more tools are going to be created that work the same way.

Impressive, Harvey. Simple, effective... and swiped. Thanks.

Paul Myers


I always thought that perfection could not be improved on. Now you have proved me totally wrong, not once but twice. I'm beyond amazement. Thank you.

Tim Spencer


The technique you've covered sounds so simple, it's ingenious. Reading your ebook got me started writing articles, something I never dared to consider before. Thank you, Harvey. You sure gave me the proverbial kick in the butt!

Margaux Alhanen


The Ultimate Supertips e-Book contains Harvey's complete and original system. But not only that, he also provides his very latest viral marketing idea completely free; hailed as the greatest breakthrough in internet marketing for years.

Will Edwards


I just want to inform you that, today, I made my first sale as an Ultimate SuperTips Affiliate. I joined the program last week, and have been promoting it in several ways. It paid off!

Now, I have the incentive to build on the success of that first sale! I know I can make more sales, and use "The Ultimate SuperTips" program to gain valuable experience in affiliate marketing and in the general area of Internet Marketing.

Laurie Lacey


The ULTIMATE SuperTip is a free ebook with a few twists. First of all, when someone gives away a free ebook it's usually not near as good as The ULTIMATE SuperTip. In fact, I've paid good money for ebooks that weren't nearly as good or useful as this one.

Secondly, with free ebooks the person behind it always wants your contact details to add you to his mailing list. Harvey Segal, the man behind The ULTIMATE SuperTip ebook, doesn't even ask for your contact detailsóthis is truely a no-strings-attached, super-value free ebook.

I'm trying to restrain my enthusiasm because after reading this ebook I'm really excited, but I don't want to sound like I've lost my mind. It's just that this is so ingenius, so very smart, that I can't help but to be excited!

In the book you'll discover some very neat ways of using viral marketing to sell any product online you wantówithout having to worry about search engine traffic. It's a short, easy read, but if you're in a hurry you can skip right to chapter five where you'll learn how to make money without a web site or product of your own.

Apart from anything else, it's an absolutely fascinating case study in

- marketing
- viral technology
- copy writing

Here's a question to consider: given the quality of this ebook, do you think the author should have at least tried to collect your contact details?

Personally, I don't think so. But you decide.....and don't forget to watch for the twists that blew me away! There's one in Chapter 5, and another one or two if you click the "Magic Button" that literally had me smiling at my computer monitor . . . and I'm not kidding about that!

Dennis Gaskill


The following older testimonials have site URLs which are no longer active - but are still well worth reading.

Harvey, I didn't know how else to give you my testimonial, but I am simply STUNNED! I sneakily pretended I wanted to buy various products by clicking the live links in the Ultimate Tips free ebook, and every time I got to the Clickbank Order page, I found my Clickbank ID there! I almost fainted - no kidding.

(See, I was wondering how the prospect would get past all those live links before he clicked the Magic Button.)

I even clicked on your website url in the UltimateTips free ebook, then clicked a link in your website for the free AdTracker ebook; downloaded it; clicked a product link in there; went through the ordering process again... and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I found my Clickbank ID on the order page again!

Shame on me for thinking you might be just another greedy guru. Please forgive me (?). I will unsubscribe the alternate email address I used for my "investigation" of what I now consider to be the most honest marketer on the Internet.

Thank you, thank you. I can't wait to get started now (never made a dime on the internet in 5 years).

Most Respectfully yours,

Charles Peavy at baycat3@cox.net

Harvey, You have done it again.

Every marketer in the world needs to download this Free E-Book. The tips in here are absolutely Amazing. If you can't make money from this E-Book you might as well be cooking hamburgers.

Great job.

Charles Kenney.
(formerly theinfobay.com)

Thanks so much for bringing viral marketing back to life, especially with a genius twist! My affiliate marketing students are going to love The Ultimate SuperTip!

Regina Baker
(formerly Christians-In-Business.com)

You got a winner here...I see a lot of useless stuff online but this one is totally different and best of all it has actually made me several online payments within a short few days with minimal promotion. I wonder what it will do with maximum promotion.

I only give out testimonials for items that actually have made me money, not hype type stuff. Very good idea, Harvey...

Mario Giordani
(formerly ProfitsFinder.com)

Harvey, you're a freakin' genius. I bought the product and am dizzy with anticipation over the coming results!

Jonathan Leger
(formerly AdSenseGold.com)

Super Tips was the missing piece to my web site's puzzle. I downloaded the ebook on Saturday, and by Wednesday I had over 100 new customers for my SEO Training program.

Your book has gone to the top of the list in the resource section of my customer back office. That's where it will stay because of your irresistible twist that I'm positive will make not only myself, but my students a great deal of revenue!

Jeremy Estes
(formerly optimize123.com)

I got it, downloaded it, printed it and read it from front to back and enjoyed every minute of it. What a great giveaway!

A very clever and interesting book.

Mike Hayes
(formerly the-html-book.com)

Your books the Ultimate SuperTip and ClickBank Marketplace Supertips are certainly well written. Easy to read, quick to digest, humorous and serious all at the same time, and not asking for the prospect's contact info is so refreshingly, brilliantly different.

Thanks for the new opportunity I can see in all this. Was just about totally unwound about any chance for on-line revenue, and you've blown on the glowing coal in my gut and it's coming back to life!

Much appreciation, Harvey.

Al Johnson
(formerly Free-Dieting-Products.com)

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