Download and File Access Problems

Surely you don't have a problem ?

The Ultimate SuperTip ebook has been downloaded by THOUSANDS of visitors so it's ...

... 99% certain that any problem is at your end.

(It's really 100% but I get angry people telling me that they NEVER have a problem accessing other site's ebooks so I write this just to placate them).

OK- let's get you up and running

There's no way I'm going to let you miss out on reading my book.

Magic Button

Step 1. Did it download properly ?

File name should be

If it has a different extension (for example .efw which is caused by some firewall software) rename the extension to zip

The main thing to check is that the file has downloaded fully.

Approximate file size if you click on Properties is 380KB

If your file size is different there's no point in going to Step 2.

You must get the full download so try the following in order

1. Try again in case there was a temporary problem
2. Clear the browser cache
3. Try another browser
4. Use a download manager such as Flashget which is free at

Only go to Step 2 if file size matches but problem persists.

Step 2. Unable to open the zip file ?

The file is in a zip format so you should be using a zip utility to unzip it and extract the files into a folder.

You should end up with 3 files:
- ultimate-supertip.pdf, readme.htm, magic.gif

a) If you don't have a zip utility note that Windows XP has built in unzipping software - all you need to do is double-click the zip file icon, and it will open like a normal folder.

b) If you don't have Windows XP, you can download free unzipping software here:

Windows and Mac:

c) Note: zip tools which do not work with this file
- Cam Unzip
- Filzip
- EasyZip

Only go to Step 3 if file can be opened but problem persists

Step 3. PDF File is corrupt ?

If the PDF file is reported as corrupt it may be that your version of Adobe Reader is a problem. You need version 6 or over.

If still a problem go to the menu option Help in Adobe Reader, then click on Detect and Repair.

Step 4. Unable to access external links in the book

Clear your browser cache or run Detect and Repair as in (3).

Still having problems ?

Please raise a ticket at the HelpDesk with
- Department = Ultimate SuperTip
- Subject = DWN **

Please provide as much information as possible including
- which Step you reached above
- zip file size if failed in Step 1
- any error messages

** Important: if you don't use this subject we assume you have not seen this page so we will only direct you back here again.

Harvey Segal