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Email address

It's VITAL of course that you enter your email address correctly otherwise you won't receive our response. You should get immediate email notification when you first open a ticket so if you don't you may have misspelled it.

What to say

If you are reporting a problem or need help please give as much information as you can.

Please do not just say (real examples)

- book won't open (... which book ?)
- paid with Paypal, no download (... what did you purchase ?)
- I can't login (... where ?) **

We do need more detail.

Also a descriptive title will help.

** This is the most common complaint. It's usually because you purchased with one email address but signed up with another. If a problem please supply the URL of the login page and login/email you are trying. No need to send password.

Keep to one ticket

Please do not open a new ticket for the same problem, just keep with the original.

PS. All tickets receive high priority but be aware that our timezone is GMT (UK).


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