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ClickBank Upsell SuperTips

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ClickBank Upsell SuperTips One of the most powerful ways of increasing your sales is by offering an upsell to a customer at the time of purchase.

ClickBank's PitchPlus feature is designed to handle the mechanics of such an operation.

Here's a concise guide - just 13 pages - showing how to make effective upsells with PitchPlus.

Actual results using PitchPlus

I upsell a $3 item with a $14 item. So I convert $3 to $17

I upsell a $27 item with a $19 item and then another $19 item. So I convert $27 to $65

All done with no change to my site, price or extra traffic.

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ClickBank Affiliates

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Harvey Segal is acknowledged as the world's top ClickBank expert.

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* A participant in ClickBank's European Advisory Board meetings

More information about all these in the book.

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