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ClickBank Marketplace SuperTips

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ClickBank Marketplace SuperTips ClickBank.

They are the world's largest provider of digital products.

The heart of their system is the Marketplace.

Which is why you need this book.

Affiliates need to know how to search for products and understand the Marketplace stats

Vendors need to know how to submit effectively to the Marketplace and achieve high rankings

It's a quick easy read.

Just 15 pages.

Ending with a viral money-making idea.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Marketplace Explained
Chapter 3. Affiliate Tips
Chapter 4. Vendor Tips
Chapter 5. Recommended Products

This can seriously affect your profits ... fast

Anyone using ClickBank absolutely needs to read this book.

When I tell you that the entire book is only 15 pages long, you can see that Harvey writes without hype or fluff. This is a ten-minute read that can seriously affect your profits ... fast.

And he even finds the space to tell you how you can make money by giving his book away free!

I've bought, read, profited from and promoted every single book that Harvey has ever written - not because he is my friend, but because they are universally excellent.

ClickBank Marketplace Supertips continues that trend brilliantly.

Martin Avis

A no-fluff guide

Excellent, short and concise.

A no-fluff guide to understanding the Clickbank marketplace in 20 minutes or less.

Adrian Ling

Refreshingly, brilliantly different

Your books ClickBank Marketplace Supertips and the Ultimate SuperTip are certainly well written. Easy to read, quick to digest, humorous and serious all at the same time, and not asking for the prospect's contact info is so refreshingly, brilliantly different.

Thanks for the new opportunity I can see in all this. Was just about totally unwound about any chance for on-line revenue, and you've blown on the glowing coal in my gut and it's coming back to life!

Much appreciation, Harvey.

Al Johnson

The author:

Harvey Segal is acknowledged as the world's top ClickBank expert.

* Owner of The Complete Guide to ClickBank (the only site devoted completely to ClickBank)

* Owner of the ClickBank Success Forum (over 14,000 members)

* Author of 3 ClickBank ebooks

- ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips
- ClickBank Vendor SuperTips
- Stop Those ClickBank Refunds

* A participant in ClickBank's European Advisory Board meetings

More information about all these in the book.

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