SuperTips Rebranding Program

Pays 75% commission with ClickBank


Welcome to the affiliate program with a DIFFERENCE !

Here you can give away free books with your affiliate links built in, however there is NO NEED to go through the usual long process of rebranding books.

Normally you would need to download a book, run a rebranding program to put your personalised information in, copy the rebranded book to your website (if you have one) and produce a download page.

Here everything is taken care of for you, all you do is promote one link.

The additional advantages are that
- your link will always pick up the latest version of the item
- you can get tracking stats to see the number of hits received
- you don't need a website

Item list

Below is a summary of the items at the Affiliate Center.

Note that it is not possible for you to lose out on commission to a customer using his own affiliate links for purchasing, for three reasons

1. The affiliate links inside the books are cloaked

2. Where rebranding is free the ebook does not mention how to join the affiliate program

3. Where rebranding is not free the customer must pay a rebranding fee and you will get commission on that

P.S As well as rebrandable books there are rebrandable articles which work the same way.

Item Notes


Report: Its Goodbye To Google

This a report which promotes the Ultimate Supertip ebook.

You will need an Ultimate Supertip affiliate link - details at the Affiliate Center


Ebook: How to Multiply Sales of ANY Product

You need to pay for rebranding: see last chapter


Ebook: Ebook Rebranding SuperTips

You need to pay for rebranding: see last chapter


Ebook: ClickBank for Newbies

You need to pay for rebranding: see last chapter


Ebook: ClickBank Marketplace SuperTips

You need to pay for rebranding: see last chapter


Ebook: ClickBank Upsell SuperTips

You may need to pay for rebranding: see last chapter


Ebook: ClickBank Commission SuperTips

Rebranding is free: see last chapter


More coming soon ...




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