How to Promote Viral Marketing SuperTips


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In the next few sections I describe a variety of ways that you can find targeted readers and how to put your message across.

2.1 Your mailing list

If you run an Ezine or have some other form of mailing list you will know that when you personally endorse a product to your readers it has more power than any ad.

Here's an example of a short write-up you can use in your ezine or mailing list - just edit it as you see fit.

There's a new Ebook I have just come across which I predict will soon become very popular.

It's the latest in the famous SuperTips series of ebooks written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips).

You may have heard of viral marketing whereby you provide a useful product to someone who in turn can pass that on so that everyone can benefit.

In his new book, Viral Marketing SuperTips, Harvey provides an ingenious twist which can lead to ever increasing traffic and sales.

And the charge for this ?

It's free !

I'd rush to get it now if I were you at [Affiliate URL]

2.2 Promoting as a free gift

You can offer the book as a free gift

Here's an article explaining how do to this

"How to get your site reviewed for free - and win customers as you do it".

2.3 ClickBank Vendors

Some ClickBank Vendors offer a free book about their product at their sales page in case the customer does not purchase on his visit. Far more effective is to have a separate page describing the book and have affiliates doing all the book promotion for them.

And for publishers who don't offer a free book, but conceivably could, you can also suggest the same.

In both cases invite the publisher to read Viral Marketing SuperTips.

2.4 Promoting to Newcomers

What is the most common question from newbies ?

"How do I make money on the net ?"

My advice is not to follow the thousands of other affiliates promoting the same 'make money on the net' products. The secret is to find your own niche. So point them to Chapter 4.2 in the book which shows how to capitalize on a niche area.

And where do you find these newbies with their questions ?

Just keep an eye out in the online marketing forums, newsgroups, ezines and so on.

2.5 What not to do

You don't want to tell others that they can 'rebrand' the book - otherwise you may lose out on possible commissions.

To this effect I have arranged that nowhere on my 'sales' page or in the book itself do I mention that the book can be rebranded. For example in the preface I mention that the book is free but not that you can distribute it.