SuperTips Commission Links

Other marketers tell you to give away copies of their free books to build a list

Here we go way beyond

1. You don't have to copy the book. You just give out a link

2. You can get commissions from the links in the books

1. In Brief

By simply providing a link to the free SuperTips books or to the SuperTips group of sites you will receive commission - at 70% - of every purchase made from the long and growing list of SuperTips Products

The SuperTips Products consist of both original books and of items acquired with resale rights. They appear throughout the free books and sites with extensive cross referencing.

This means for example that if you just mention one book 'Forum Marketing SuperTips' you can end up with a sale of an unrelated product - the ad tracker AdTrackZ, worth $45 commission to you.

2. The Links

In the table below replace xxxxx with your ClickBank nickname.

If you don't yet have a ClickBank nickname you can sign up with ClickBank as an affiliate here.

Free Ebooks  
- 101 SuperTips
- Ad Tracking SuperTips
- Forum Marketing SuperTips
- Forum Owner SuperTips
- Viral Marketing SuperTips
- ClickBank Guide
- Ad Tracking Guide
- SuperTips

3. How to promote these links

You can choose to promote as many of these as you wish. Remember that any one book will lead to all the other free books and sites - and ultimately to the paid products - because of the links within them and also the automated follows ups made after downloading.

Most important, the affiliate links in the free books are highly relevant to the content and woven in naturally in a low key style - which increases the chance of a sale and a commission payout for you.

Here are ideas for promoting the books and sites.

Free Ebooks


4. Prove How This Works

OK, pretend you are a customer and you wish to download the free book Forum Marketing SuperTips.

Click on with your ClickBank nickname included.

You are now at the site for downloading the book.

The customer now downloads the book (you don't need to do it for the purposes of this test)

At some point you well encounter the product AdTrackZ

(It can be from a link in this book or from any of the other free books which are referred to in Forum Marketing SuperTips OR in the follow ups the customer receives after downloading Forum Marketing SuperTips. Or from the site Ad Tracking Guide. As mentioned before, all sites and books are interlinked).

Now go to AdTrackZ

Click through to the ClickBank order form, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see the line [affiliate = xxxxx] where xxxxx is your nickname. In other words you get the commission from this customer.

If the line is not present click here

5. Before you start

I highly recommend you sign up to the SuperTips Affiliates Program so that you have the following benefits


Harvey Segal

P.S. Do you want to use the same system ?

If YOU want to let affiliates get commission for mentioning your sites or your books it's all explained in the book Viral Marketing SuperTips mentioned above.