Common questions from Ultimate SuperTip affiliates

Q1: I did not receive the bonus products with my purchase.

A: They are all in the Affiliate Center

Q2: I purchased an upgrade but nothing has changed - it is still saying that I need to pay for the upgrade.

A: Look at the download file in your upgrade purchase. There's a coupon for you to use at the affiliate center which will activate the upgrade.

Q3: I'm confused by the two ClickBank entries.

A: This is the most common question we get but it's quite simple. They are completely separate.

a) You receive your $10/$37 payments via ClickBank or Paypal which you set in section 2.

b) If you want to earn 70% commission on the ClickBank products you need to upgrade to the SuperLink in which case you enter your ClickBank id in section 3.

Q4: My customer has a problem downloading/paying/understanding. What shall I tell him ?

A: Don't get involved in 3 way conversations. Just tell him to contact our support desk at

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Please use the HelpDesk and supply your affiliate number if known.
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