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Thanks a lot for your E-book. I think this is a fabulous idea, and I have downloaded and customized it to give a copy away to all my Opt In List Members, and E-zine subscribers

Dirk Dupon


Your new ebook is just wonderful! I've had many downloads all ready and haven't even announced it yet

Shelley Lowery


This is a great viral idea!!!
Anyone would be happy to promote this kind of book, if they can include their bio, picture, etc., with a lot of "experts".

Sydney Johnston


Just a quick note to thank you again for Guru Magic!
It is filled with pages of fresh, never-before-published content, and is the kind of quality training material I feel comfortable recommending.
In fact, I am currently offering it as a free gift to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter. Again, thank you for this terrific resource, and for being an inspiring mentor to millions of us.

Cynthia Van Arsdale

Vanarc Marketing Solutions

I went to your site, looked over your project and you are right; I liked it. Congratulations for the great idea!

Al Montero


Perfect -- thanks! I think your ebook will become very popular... you'll see!

Eva Almeida


Harvey, very professionally done with solid tips, you've really done one of the best tips book I've seen around. Very neat and easy to navigate.

Kunle Olomofe


Harvey, you have done a great job with Guru Magic

Valerie Tay


Compiled from interviews with 35 of the top small business experts from around the world, Guru Magic will help you finally rake in the cash from your home business Web site! This stuff is pure gold ...
You could expect to pay anywhere from $29, $49 -- up to $99 -- for this collection of marketing wisdom. Heck, Fortune 500 companies would pay $5,000 for just one of these gurus to fly out and speak in person. And it would be worth every penny. But it's yours free ...

Kevin Donlin 


Thank you for a truly valuable ebook!
I found this to be one of the most informative books on emarketing - most importantly it doesn't have all the hype as most others have. I think offering it for free is a fantastic idea and again thanks for the opportunity to offer it on for free and to insert our details. Congratulations on a fantastic ebook and thanks for all the great ideas

Tania Milohis


I think your Guru Magic is one of the best of its kind. It has substance, unlike some of the "let's all get together and make this viral thing" solicitations I receive.

William Bontrager


I have to say, what a fabulous idea. Somehow, I never realized what you were doing before or maybe this book wasn't available back then, but still, the insight of what you have done is just a brilliant piece of creativity. I'm the worlds biggest skeptic, but I downloaded the book and read it for about 20 minutes

Ralph Hilliard


And finally from I-HelpDesk_WebReview Digest on July 12th, 2001

Yesterday was the most humiliating and fascinating day. It started with getting a sample copy of Harvey Segal's remarkable new e-book, Guru Magic. If you look at the table of contents, you will see the names of some of the best marketing people in the world. Many of you are included. I wasn't. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's not because Harvey didn't ask me. It's because I put his note into my 'To Do!! Now!!!' folder - and have been too busy to get to all the things in that folder. I was aghast! But, fascinated with the book and the execution. With the customization tool, that lets you put in anything you want on the sponsorship page.

In fact, instead of getting my clients' partnership returns done (filing deadline being this Monday), I got totally absorbed in reading and playing with all the features of the customization tool. And poor Harvey, he got stuck answering my questions all day. But I was able to put in a completely formatted HTML web page as my ad. It's very interesting how he's set it up so that all his affiliate links within the book are converted to yours when you customize the book (after you join ClickBank, of course).

To get even with me, he gave me one last chance to get my own Top Tips in - by morning. Made it. By last night. Harvey lost sleep editing it.

And you get the benefit of a magical new book on marketing - Guru Magic

You've got to download this book. It's free. It's yours. And it's a terrific marketing tool. I'll be incorporating Harvey's and the Gurus' suggestions on using this as a marketing tool sometime next week. For now, back to this digest, taxes...and, oh yes, a day off for my husband's birthday.

Have a great weekend! I'll bet you get lost in Guru Magic, too. Your Humble Guide,

Eva Rosenberg

Guru Magic