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Adrian Ling

It's rare to find a netrepreneur with both technical AND marketing skills.

One such person is Adrian Ling. An expert on the technical side of ClickBank he is a moderator at the ClickBank Success Forum and developed the top selling ClickBank tool easyClickMate.

He also has the ability to write about difficult technical subjects in an easy to read style and has produced highly acclaimed ebooks.

Below you will find Adrian's key products.

And here's a tip.

Adrian's products are in high demand. But he only allows customers to join up as affiliates. Which puts you in an exclusive group - and guarantees you won't be deprived of commission by a customer posing as an affiliate.

Affiliate Shield

Affiliate Shield new

Here are the major problems faced by a ClickBank affiliate - all will result in lost commission

  • affiliate link theft
  • multiple products on the vendor's landing page
  • dead affiliate links when the vendor site is down OR the affiliate program has been moved
  • poor vendor sales copy

One tool solves all these problems, click here for Affiliate Shield



easyClick404 will trap all visits to a website where the page is missing and take appropriate action - instead of reverting to the standard 404 error page.

But you can use it very many special ways.

This is my FAVOURITE and MOST USEFUL tool.

Take a look here and see what I do with it (opens a new window).

Then click here for easyClick404



To make the big money on the Net you really need your OWN product.

  • The easiest way to sell your product? Use ClickBank
  • And then ? Get affiliates
  • To manage your ClickBank affiliates ? Just one tool

Click here for a review of easyClickMate



If you sell a product you need to know that digital theft is a huge problem.

Click here for a review of easyClickGuard

Spyware Secrets Exposed

Spyware Secrets Exposed

The software hackers are finding more and more ways to get Spyware to infiltrate your PC. A very serious issue - it's reckoned that 91% of the world's PCs are infected.

[If you think it can't happen to you then take a look what happened to me. Click here]

You could spend months - and a small fortune - researching the tools and techniques to both prevent and remove Spyware.

But all the work has been done for you - and you don't need to waste any money on antispyware tools.

Click here for Spyware Secrets Exposed

RSS Made Easy

RSS Made Easy

RSS is going to be of growing importance for web site managers and publishers. The best way to learn about RSS, how to use it and what it can do, is to check out Adrian's superb book where he has included a list of numerous future opportunities awaiting the RSS pioneer.

Click here for RSS Made Easy

PS. Before purchasing take a look at Power-RSS below and check if RSS Made Easy is still included as a bonus with that package.



If you want your site to rank high in the search engines you need to provide them with

* Content - fresh, targeted, relevant content

* Links - inbound links from other (relevant) sites, and internal links from your own pages.

This tool does it all automatically for you - day after day

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