Have fun with Paper Chains !

How would you like your children to have hours of fun and entertainment ?

Especially on those long car trips or on rainy Saturday afternoons !

Then take a look at this unusual and fascinating series of books:

* The PAPER CHAINS collection shows children how to make their own equivalent of "paper dolls", the kind that are attached in a long string, side-by-side.

* Each book comes with it's own die-cut cardboard stencils for unique designs, from bugs to cowboys, to dinosaurs.

* They include specially printed pages with colors and background textures that give character to the finished paper chains.

Bugs really look like bugs; dinosaur eggs look like eggs, and dinosaurs have skin in reptilian colors and patterns. Cactus even look like cactus.

The finished cut-outs are spectacular !

* The stencils provide recognizable patterns that fit together in continuous paper chains. Kids can trace them and place them on whatever colored pages they wish, improving their drawing and designing skills. Then, they actually cut them out with safety scissors, further developing their motor skills.

* And there are ideas on how to use the paper chains to decorate walls, lamp shades, birthday cakes and more.

paper chains

Paper Chains: Bugs
  • Bees and butterflies, spiders and scorpions, all come to life with these creepy crawly stencils.

paper chains

Paper Chains: Cowboys
  • Bring the Wild West back to life with cowboys, bucking broncos, campfires, covered wagons and more

paper chains

Paper Chains: Dinosaurs
  • If you liked Jurassic Park then look out for Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, and ten more large and small prehistoric creatures

paper chains

Paper Chains: Halloween Characters
  • Witches, cats, werewolves, bats, masks, haunted castles  - all frightening good fun !

paper chains

Paper Chains: Vanishing Animals
  • You'll see manatees and mountain gorillas, snow leopards and giant anteaters

paper chains

Paper Chains: Wild Animals
  • Rows of zany zebras, enormous elephants, and gigantic polar bears appear before your very eyes!

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