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Forum Marketing SuperTips

Nice job. Really good tips explained clearly. I've been posting for a while, but I learned a lot I will use in the future. You made me think in a new way about forums.

Jeff Mulligan


When I saw your email announcing the release of Forum Marketing SuperTips, I knew I had to download it ...... and, as usual, you OVER delivered ..;)

I've recommended using forums as a self promotion vehicle for sometime now, but you've taken it to the next level, and beyond. Few realize that regular forum interaction actually rivals article authoring and submission in regards to being the best form of free advertising, from gaining widespread, targeted exposure to establishing credibility. Great job, my friend.

Mike Merz


Great stuff !

Yes, you've produced another excellent and quick read. It definitely gave me some ideas for future projects, and I'm not particularly a big fan of forums. I particularly liked the use of 404 pages to track visitors from a forum-posting. Cunning.

Steve Nash


As the owner and moderator of the "How To" Marketer Forum - the idea of someone making posts on any forum with an eye to profiting from doing so, initially made me shudder.

Worse still... the idea of someone releasing an eBook to show you precisely how to achieve profits from your posts, sounded like something I would have to shun and criticize.

BUT... having read Harvey Segal's "How To Post To Forums - For Profit" eBook I'm delighted to report that I fully endorse every last word.

In this eBook, Harvey demonstrates how you can contribute to forums and stay completely within the "no blatant ads" guidelines, whilst still making money out of your post!

... Plus he shows you how to make these profit generating contributions without upsetting even the most eagle-eyed moderators and forum owners, like myself.

Michael Green


Wow, Harvey. Thanks! You really come out with excellent books. I really enjoy receiving them in my inbox

Priya Shah


I, too, recently read Harvey Segal's excellent eBook about ways to effectively post on forums. This is Good Stuff, and information that was new to me as I've recently entered the world of the Affiliate Programs, though am far from new to profitably posting on forums.

Paulette Ensign


Harvey - When I read your ebook, it opened my eyes to a whole concept of Internet marketing that works with any niche. Not only do I highly recommend your ebook, but I actually made it a requirement for those working close to me on the promotion of my new website to read.

Russell Brunson

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