SuperTips Ezine: Issue 32

June 15th, 2000
Harvey Segal, Editor:



2. "10 Sizzling Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy!"
    - by Larry Dotson

3. More "Super" Tips
    3.1 How to track your ads
    3.2 Stay on top of the search engines
    3.3 An affiliate program to avoid - and one to join
    3.4 - the pay per click search engine

    3.5 A good guarantee works wonders

4. "How To Start An Online Business That You'll ENJOY"
    - by Larry Dotson & Stuart Maynard

5. Contact Information


1. Greetings!

Hello Folks,

An unusual start to today's issue.
I'd going to try a simple experiment.

Would you like to quickly click to this page

and come back.

Oh dear, not everyone clicked.

Don't worry, you'll just see a brief message, so come on please click now

That's better.



Now you may think I'm making it up by saying that some of you clicked the first time and some the second.
But I have news for you -

                           I know EXACTLY how many clicked !

I know exactly how many clicked 10 minutes after receiving this ezine, and I'll know how many one hour later and I'll know one month later.

Now do you think this could somehow be useful ?

For example, to be able to post an ad somewhere and find out exactly what the response is at any moment ?

Or to be able to experiment with different sales copy to determine the exact words which tempt your reader to click on a link ?

I would say it's more than useful.
I've been finding it indispensable.

I'll describe this new tool below in
     "How to track your ads"


We start with an article today from Larry Dotson called
   "10 Sizzling Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy!"

It sounds like he knows what he's talking about with a great headline like that. To back him up I'll show you how one extra line of ad copy made a startling difference to my own sales.



2. "10 Sizzling Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy!"
    - by Larry Dotson

1. You could decrease or increase the length of your ad copy. There is no rule on how long your ad copy should be unless space is a consideration.The ad should be long enough to sell your product.

2. You could add some sub headlines on your ad copy. Sub headlines act just like headlines; they grab the readers attention. They'll keep the readers interested as they continue to read your ad.

3. You could ask your reader questions through out the ad copy. They will answer the questions in their own head as they read your ad copy. The questions you ask should persuade the reader into buying.

4. You could highlight keywords through out your ad copy. The keywords should be attractive to your target audience. You could highlight them with color, underlines, italics, etc.

5. You could bullet or indent your benefits on your ad copy. Must people won't read a whole ad copy, so make your products benefits standout and you won't lose the sales from all the skimmers.

6. You could change the size of your text on your ad copy. You want to make your text large enough so it's not hard to read. You also want your headline and major points to be larger so they will standout.

7. You could raise or lower the price on your ad copy. A higher price could increase the perceived value of your product and a lower price could lesson your product's value.

8. You could add proof of results on your ad copy. You should include testimonials, endorsements, and factual statistics to prove your product's claims.

9. You could add special offers on your ad copy. It's usually easier to sell the offer than the product. You could use discounts, free bonuses, volume sales, etc.

10. You could eliminate the hard-to-understand jargon on your ad copy. Unless your product calls for technical words, you want your ad to be read without people pulling out a dictionary.


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3. More "Super" Tips

3.1 How to track your ads

Here is the old way to track ads:

You add a different tag (a question mark and a code) at the end of an Url, for example, for ad number one for ad number two, etc

Then you can inspect the logs at your website and those tags will be visible. The problem here however is that you have to completely download your log files whenever you need this information, do the necessary formatting, search for and count each occurrence.

Here is the new way to track ads:

It is a service called ROIbot where you replace your Url  with your ROIbot Url. That's all. You don't have to  install any software.

The ROIbot Url redirects the visitor to the Url you specify and at any time you can monitor the hits to any of your Urls.

The beauty of the system is the ease in setting up your Urls. In the introduction section above I have two ROIbot urls pointing to the same page. They took about 10 seconds to set up. If I decide that I want one of them to point to a different page I can again simply change it in seconds.

As you use ROIbot you discover more and more ways to adapt  it. For example

- you can replace those long affiliate links with a ROIbot Url.

- at your home page you may wish to have a tip of the day section or a product of the week (i.e. an item which needs to be rotated at intervals). Now rather than continually change your home page you can simply change the link at your ROIbot centre.

I would advise you to start with the Free version here

Click on 'sign up' and then 'ROIbot Free'.

This version will allow you 3 ROIbot Urls so you can test the system out right now for an ad campaign.

The paid for version, ROIbot Pro, offers unlimited Urls and many other extra features. The key benefit is the free affiliate program where you get paid for introducing ROIbot to others.

(It's actually possible to get commission even if you don't  promote it! Anyone clicking on one of your ROIbot Urls  who then signs up will earn you commission).

What this all means is that after a few sign ups ROIbot will not only be tracking your ads but will be paying you for the privilege !


3.2 Stay on top of the search engines

Here is a highly recommended site with lots of free tools to help you battle with the search engines.

There's an excellent tutorial on Meta Tags plus tools to help analyse keywords, validate links and submit to the major engines.



3.3 An affiliate program to avoid - and one to join

For the past year or two I have offered free ezines at my website via an affiliate program.

I would recommend this as a very simple way of getting earnings from your website: everyone wants something for free and you get commission for each reader who signs up.

However the problem was that the affiliate company had to manually handle the registration of "hits" (i.e sign ups for the individual ezines) because, it was explained, they had to laboriously check each hit with each individual ezine publisher.

This meant that every week I had to send a request for details of commissions: these were difficult to understand, the Email format was irregular, it was not always clear whether the hits were totals for the week or the month. Commission payments arrived several months after  the event. And requests for information were met with curt one line answers from what seemed to me a one-man band.

What on earth am I doing in an affiliate program like this - I asked myself one day.

I had assumed that this company were the only ones providing such a service.

So I looked around for a similar operation and discovered an eye-opener.

Commission Junction have a range of over 700 affiliate programs. They are all supplied by different merchants, but the key point is that Commission Junction handle everything so that you go through the identical procedure for any individual merchant when it comes to signing up, getting links, viewing your stats , getting paid. Their  superb tracking system allows you to view stats instantly online in every possible combination and timeframe (eg today, yesterday, the month, quarter etc).

There are a number of merchants offering free ezines, I use DayTips which you can see here

Commission Junction and all their programs are free to join - details here

And seeing that they recently received a $40 million  investment I have no worries that they are a one-man band !


3.4 - the pay per click search engine

Suppose you knew how much each visitor to your site was worth. Let's invent a figure, say 10 visitors earn you one dollar.

Now if someone sent visitors to your site and charged you one cent per visitor would you be interested ?

I would think so.

Even at 5 cents per visitor you would be making a profit.

That's the reasoning behind the new breed of search engines, the pay per click variety, of which the most well known is GoTo.

You choose one or more keywords for your site (or even a particular Url) and submit a bid starting at  one cent per keyword. This means that when someone searches on that keyword your Url will appear on the list of matches and if they click on to it you will be charged one cent.

By raising your bid you can move towards the top of the list. The bid price for each entry is clearly shown and you can change bids online at any time. The key point is that you only pay when your Url is clicked.

You can submit as many different keywords as you wish for an Url and GoTo provide a wonderful tool to help you decide which to use. Their Suggestion Tool at

will show the number of searches made at their site for the previous month for your keyword and all similar keywords.

One other great advantage. You don't have to worry about the usual search engine submission considerations such  as meta tags and distribution of keywords. The content of your page is irrelevant (as long as it is relevant to  your proposed keywords). All you need to be concerned with are the appropriate choice of keywords and an enticing title and description for your GoTo entry.

GoTo are at


3.5 A good guarantee works wonders

They say that a simple change to a headline can multiply response to an ad hundreds of times. I've found that the addition of one line to a page has created a huge jump in sales.

One of the affiliate programs I belong to is FutureWorld who provide a fascinating collection of information and how-to products on topics ranging from Personal Development, Business Success, through to Internet Marketing.

They offer a guarantee on each product whereby you can return it for any reason within 30 days and receive a 100%credit.You can use this credit towards any other FutureWorld merchandise for a full 6 months from the date of order.

However you obviously don't see the guarantee until you are at their site which does not help anyone hovering at my site deciding whether to click though.

So I added to my sales page one line just before the  "Click here to order" link saying

      "Note: this product is backed up by a   30-day satisfaction guarantee"

The result ?

A dramatic increase in click throughs.

And how do I know ?

Of course I used ROIbot !!

ROIbot also told me that the most popular items were subliminal self help tapes on a wide variety of topics  such as Health, Mental Mastery, Personal Development, Meditation, Business Success.

If you are interested pay a  visit  here.


4. "How To Start An Online Business That You'll ENJOY"
    - by Larry Dotson & Stuart Maynard

When starting a venture on the Internet, many people go looking for the perfect 'money making' opportunity.

Let me give you a little bit of advice. Starting an online business shouldn't just revolve around the income generating side of it, as this article will prove.

There are numerous ways to create income with your web site. You should consider making a living doing something you love or enjoy, then you won't mind the long hours and late nights you'll spend making the business successful. And believe me, those late nights can be very hectic if you're not working for enjoyment!

Idea # 1:

Your web site could be related to a favorite hobby like collecting rare coins. You could sell a booklet about collecting rare coins, and include tips and information you've learned over the years.

Idea # 2:

You might enjoy playing golf in your spare time. You could create a web site directory or search engine that includes links to thousands of web sites about golf. You could generate income by selling ad space on  your web site to golf related businesses.

Idea # 3:

You may have a skill or an education in business management. You could charge other businesses to consult them on management issues via email from your web site. You could add on a second income stream by joining business related affiliate programs.

Idea # 4:

Your web site could be related to a favorite pastime like bird watching. You could create an e-zine about bird watching and sell subscriptions to it from your web site. Another option would be to give it away for free and sell advertising space in your e-zine.

Idea # 5:

You might enjoy cooking and creating new recipes. You could create a web site that lists cooking tips and recipes. Publish part of your recipes on a private web site and charge people money to get access to them.

The bottom line....

Don't just start a business with your web site to earn money alone. You'll have a better chance of earning a lot more money doing something you enjoy. You want to wake up in the morning being excited and  enthusiastic about working on your business.

As I always say, "Motivation breeds success", and the only way you'll be completely motivated is if you choose to work in a business that you'll completely enjoy.

Until next time,

Stuart Maynard is a professional Internet marketer who devotes his time to showing people like YOU  how to profit more than ever before with his AMAZING steps to success. Get free EXCITING information and   a FREE jam-packed newsletter only at the URL of:
Contact email -


5. Contact Information

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