How To Master Simple PHP In 17 Easy Lessons

Simple PHP with Robert Plank
(About The Author)

You know his name. . .and, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you have seen his work  (Lightning Track, RedirectPro, TurboThanks, CodeWarden, Ezine Rocket, and Hypersplitter.)  Now, he shows you how he does it!

Not only can you see how he does it, but each chapter uses intuitive, interactive instruction, closing with an assignment to complete before progressing to the next chapter.

As if that wasn't enough, you also get to take a quiz after each lesson and grade it yourself.  You will learn why PHP is the preferred choice by programming professionals.

Ever wonder how come your name shows up peppered throughout a sales page or html email?  Simple PHP teaches you how to do that.

What about protecting your content with password protection?  Or an up to the minute calendar?

Learn how to create your own simple Autoresponder program.

How about this: Have you ever wished you could have one of those neat "Joke of the Day" or "Quote of the Day" features that you see on so many sites?  Well, now you can and you'll be amazed at just how simple it is with Simple PHP.

Learning to use Simple PHP on your web site will save you tons of cash in the long run.  The conversational tone of the lessons is shear brilliance.  These lessons are written just as if Robert was sitting right next you, guiding you all the way through.

Having a copy of Simple PHP in your arsenal of tools is a "no-brainer."  Just one of the scripts he provides will save you way more than the few dollars you are about to spend to buy your own copy.

Go ahead. . .it's really simple.  Click the link and grab your own copy of this time saving, money saving tutorial now!

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P.S. If you are looking for a long-winded manual, stuffed to the gills with hard to
understand "techie talk" then don't buy Simple PHP, it's simply not for you.  But,
if you are looking for a no nonsense, down and dirty easy guide to Simple PHP,
go ahead and click to order. . .this is the guide for you.