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Yes! Please Allow Me To Download Adtrackz Right Away So I Can Take The Guesswork Out Of My Advertising!

 I want to create consistent and secure income streams for my business and exploit the massive income potential that comes with tracking and analyzing all my traffic sources.

  • I understand that I'll get full access to download Adtrackz immediately after my order is processed.

  • I understand that I get to try it out for a full 60 days. If I am not satisfied in anyway, I can return it for a prompt  refund.

  • I understand that I can install Adtrackz on as many of my own domains as I wish.



Adtrackz is relatively easy to install, all you have to do is upload the files, change permissions on the directory and add a mysql database using your website's online control panel.

If you don't know how to do any of that we can provide installation for only $20 for a limited period (normal cost $30).

Details will be provided with the download.

Software Requirements

The official software requirements are:

  1. PHP Version 4 or higher
  2. A Mysql Database
  3. A Unix Server (not windows)

In plain english, basically, if you are not running on a windows server chances are you can run Adtrackz.

If you're still not sure, copy and paste the requirements and send them to your website's support center. They'll let you know. And, of course, if Adtrackz doesn't work on your website for whatever reason, we'll refund you no questions asked.

We do NOT recommend you purchase AdTrackz if you have a Windows server OR use GoDaddy hosting.

Also AdTrackz might not work with sub-domains (it depends on the host)

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Order Now

Here is what you will receive

* AdTrackz

* Bonus book

* Access to the AdTrackz support forum

Price $97 $67


Satisfaction Guarantee

Give it a try for a full 60 days - completely risk free. If you don't feel this tool is worth the investment just let me know. I will refund every cent you have paid.

No hesitation, no quibbles. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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Harvey Segal