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Harvey Segal

Ref A01:

Why your web site MUST have a domain name . . . and how to to get one

Explains the concept of a domain name, the benefits, how to choose and obtain a domain name, how to transfer to a domain web site

Ref A02:

How to succeed as an Affiliate on the Net

Explains affiliate arrangements and how to choose an affiliate program.

Ref A03:

One last chance to HOOK your customer

Give your customer an irresistible choice.

Ref A04:

How to Profit on the Internet

A guide through the whole cycle of Internet marketing from choosing a product, how and where to advertise, through to setting up and promoting a web site.

Ref A05:

Win customers by giving away Free information

A practical example of how this works.

Ref A06:

How to attract Thousands of Customers

A win-win idea that costs you nothing.

Ref A07:

When your PC Backup is not enough

Heed this warning or you could be out of business.

Ref A08:

Newcomers: how to Succeed on the Internet

A free way for newcomers to get the experience they require.

Ref A09:

Save time and win customers . . . by HIDING your Email address

A neat variation on a standard idea.

Ref A10:

How to transfer to a Domain site

Make sure that you don't leave your customers behind.

Ref A11:

Why you should NOT link to an affiliate site

Hold that link ! Here's a better idea.

Ref A12:

When it pays to FORGET an item

A second chance to get your message across.

Ref A13:

How to get your site reviewed for free . . . and win customers as you do it !

A simple addition to your web site is all you need.

Ref A14:

Unleash the Potential hidden in your old Ezines

Turn your old ezines into your number one traffic generator.