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From Harvey Segal

Are you struggling trying to sell expensive products with ClickBank ?

Are your profits slumping and your customers disappearing ?


Then here's the solution.

Let's sell them a simpler cheaper item

_____ with an irresistible price tag

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We know that every day, every minute, the public are searching for "How-To" information on every conceivable topic.

They will happily pay for a simple report which puts this information at their fingertips.

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Introducing ...

$7 ClickBank Reports
~ The Ultimate Guide ~

Simple $7 reports can lead to BIG profits with ClickBank.

The possibilities are endless, the audience is vast.

This guide will show you how to cash in on the never-ending demand.

$7 ClickBank Reports

Who needs this guide ?

Anyone who wants to make money on the Net - from the basic newbie to the established vendor.

Make money

If you are happy to remain a ClickBank affiliate there's a great opportunity waiting for you
Great Opportunity

What you will learn in this guide

. Why $7 is the perfect price for a report

.The top selling categories at the ClickBank Marketplace

.How to choose a topic for a $7 report **

.How to get the report written for you **

.How to sell the report

.How to convert $7 to MUCH BIGGER earnings and . . .

.How to automate the whole procedure

.The number one marketing tool which makes this all possible

.A free source of huge traffic for your report

.How you can get affiliates eager to sell a $7 report for you

.An overlooked source of ideal affiliates

.How to share commission with your affiliates for another vendor's products

.Two ways to provide 100% commission (one requires ClickBank's permission the other does not)

.How to maximize ClickBanks 'gravity' for more sales

. . How to skip all of the above and cash in as an affiliate


** These two topics are expanded in more detail with a 49-page bonus ebook.

Who is the author ?

Who is the author

Harvey Segal is acknowledged as the world's top ClickBank authority.

* Owner of The Complete Guide to ClickBank (the only site devoted completely to ClickBank)

* Owner of the ClickBank Success Forum (over 19,000 members)

* Author of 3 major ClickBank ebooks

- ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips
- ClickBank Vendor SuperTips
- Stop Those ClickBank Refunds

and numerous free guides

* A participant in ClickBank's European Advisory Board meetings

More information about all these in the guide. If you wonder why the links are not shown here all will be explained

What is in the guide

Table of Contents

Throwing in two EXTRA bonuses

Google Strategies
Whatever you are selling a mastery of Google will put you streets ahead of your competitors

Topics include

* How to do keyword research

* Using keyword research tools Wordtracker and Market Samurai

* How to gauge competition

* Finding good long tail keywords

* Choosing the best product

zero cost traffic
Discover 10 proven methods to generate website traffic without paying a cent.


* a killer blogging technique

* YouTube video creation techniques

* traffic from iTunes

* social media techniques

* making your reports go viral

. . . and much more

Includes resell rights

What is the cost ?

I should charge $37 minimum for this guide and the bonus items.

A pittance to pay when it could rocket your ClickBank income.

But I have deliberately chosen a different price, the reason why will be made apparent when you read the guide - and no upsells are involved.

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