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Wow, you're crazy not to be selling that information. I've bought many books over the years that contained far less and I was satisfied with them! Your book is one of the best I've read this year and you really could get upwards of $50 for it easily!

Jim Daniels


I've been marketing online for over two years and in half an hour with your book I was rushing to my website to make some changes! You are crazy to give away this kind of information.

Martin Avis


Harvey, 101 SuperTips is pithy - very readable - and packed with absolutely 1st class information. You know I read everything you write because despite my being regarded as an internet marketing expert, I *always* end up learning something new from you. A bunch of great new ideas in this ebook and best of all - I love the price, because you just can't beat FREE.

Michael Green


Well done Harvey - your new ebook is absolutely excellent - I customised it and uploaded it as quick as I could. It's the best example I've yet seen of viral marketing, and I've recommended it to my list as such. A very worthy follow-up of your other free ebooks!

Alannah Moore


Nowadays, when I hear the word "free" I don't expect anything valuable to be offered. Especially with all the reprint right junkies bombarding us right to left with their $12.95 special deals!

However, I can honestly say that you've over-delivered in this ebook. Even thought I've been on the Internet for 4 years I've learnt a number of very useful tips and strategies from "101 SuperTips" that others charge good money for.

Zahid Saddique


Hey Harvey, I just had to write you and say what a great job you did on your 101 Super Tips eBook. It really is a great resource and learning aid for anyone marketing online, either for Newbies or Veteran Internet marketers - there is something in this ebook for everyone, and I can't believe you give it away for free. WOW what a steal.. Anyone reading this should download it right away, it's a must have...

Tom Dahne


101 SuperTips has become one of my favourite references. Thanks for sharing Tip 98 (My Top Mistakes). It's absolutely priceless.

You've just saved me from making a terrible mistake - "Flogging a dead horse".

Adrian Ling


Harvey, I'm really excited about your series of Super Tips eBooks! I have posted articles on my website based on your SuperTips.

I have learned a lot since I started my site about a year ago. I wish that I had help and tips like yours back then. I've stumbled, made mistakes and read everything I could on this business. ..but as you would see if you looked at my site, I selected a very tough market.

The next ones will be a lot easier, thanks to your Super Tips.

Richard Rossbauer


Harvey, I've downloaded all of your free eBooks and I must say that I am enjoying them all, they are awesome resources full of useful information. I'd even dare to say that they are Much better than many being sold today.

Thanks for providing such awesome Viral content!

Matt Fulger


Harvey thanks for the e-book, it's fab!!!

Haven't even read all 101 tips yet. Each time I read a tip I tend to leave the book and apply your tips to my websites. I'll get through your book eventually and will always have it on my desktop for a quick reference guide. The format is easily readable and your content straight to the point.

Hans Storrie


Hey, Harvey!

I just finished reading 101 SuperTips, again, and a thought occurred to me ...

Notice that I said 'finished'? Believe me, that's an accomplishment!

LOL Do you have any idea how many ebook courses I have sitting on my hard drive that I DIDN'T finish? Over 100, I'm sure ...

Why? Information overload. 101 SuperTips is all meat, no filler ... and organized in a way that it's teachings can be easily accessed, over and over again.

I call it my "Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet". ;) Thanks, again, my friend!

Mike Merz

Internet Marketing For Newbies

Your book is a dream come true! Excellent layout and extremely well organized. It's exactly what I've been wanting to do, but didn't know how. You are a genius!

Judy Marie


Just wanted to tell you that your 101 Super Tips book is excellent, I wish I had this book 4 months ago, I would have saved countless hours searching the net for information that you have compiled in your book.

Mike Pulli


Thanks. Thanks! Thanks!!!!

Your 101 tips are just one of the best courses I've seen on the net. I will make sure my visitors get a copy... And that my wife, who never understood what I do on my computer overnight, gets another. Did I mention that you are nuts? I'm sure that if this book was written by someone else... he will be charging some dollars! Thanks, Harvey.

Jose L. Gonzalez


I love your free ebook 101 SuperTips! It's a great source of unbiased information , perfect for budding internet business owners.

Darren Marshall


I've not come across a better reference that is packed with practical advice and examples covering such an extensive range of topics. Best of all, I can readily put them into practice right off the bat. Its friendly, relaxed, and encouraging tone gets me through the sections with a sense of optimism. Without a doubt, an indispensable guide that I will refer to continually. Thank you, Harvey!

Margaux Alhanen

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