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101 SuperTips

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It's Harvey Segal here.

Welcome to the fourth book of the SuperTips series.

And if you're an online marketer - or someone who wants to make money on the Net - then this is the one for you.

It's a collection of tips ranging across the whole of the Internet Marketing field.

The 101 Supertips are presented in a logical order - taking you from Internet newcomer to seasoned professional. The sections covered include:


"I've been marketing online for over two years and in half an hour with your book I was rushing to my website to make some changes! You are crazy to give away this kind of information."

Martin Avis

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Here are some of the tips waiting in store for you

And of course, we've saved the very best until last.

Tip 100 is called 'The greatest SuperTip of all.'

and Tip 101 tells you exactly how to make money with this book (prepare for a shock! )

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